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Océanopolis Ocean Discovery Park.
Since 1990, Océanopolis, owned by the City of Brest and managed by Brest’aim, has recounted the natural history of the oceans, with a mission of scientific mediation through pedagogy and creativity.


Knowledge and understanding of the planet’s various marine ecosystems, to improve their conservation. Océanopolis is unique in Europe: three houses and an otter trail for a world tour of the oceans, via temperate, polar and tropical environments. More than just a visit, it is a rigorous scientific journey and a great achievement in reconstituting marine habitats, in 77 aquaria and 9,000 m2 of exhibition space.


Throughout the year, Océanopolis is an excellent educational platform. It hosts major temporary exhibitions, activity programmes on a yearly rolling basis, especially during school half-term holidays at regular intervals. Océanopolis intends to be a site of knowledge sharing and exchange. Based on the latest oceanographic knowledge, Océanopolis educates, so everyone can understand how the ocean works and form their own opinion on the impact of their actions, yet through entertainment and wonder.


Designed by academics who wished to let science out of the laboratory and bring it to the general public, Océanopolis is a very singular aquarium. Links with researchers continue to be forged, of course especially those in Brest, where the quality of the local scientific platform is unique in Europe. We also work with international teams. The Brittany hub is a meeting point for French marine sciences: IFREMER, CEDRE, the University of West Brittany (UBO), the Paul-Émile Victor Polar Institute, the European Sea Institute, the Iroise marine natural park, the French National Agency for Protected Marine Areas, the French Navy Hydrography and Oceanography Department (SHOM) and more, plus the elite universities and all the leading companies working in marine technology. Close collaborations between Océanopolis teams and French and international agencies working in the marine world, whether in science, industry or education, frequently result in the construction of joint projects, resulting in exhibitions, aquaria, films, educational workshops or scientific cultural events.


  • More than 4 million litres of sea water
  • 1,000 different species
  • 10,000 animals
  • 9,000 m2 of visit space
  • 3 pavilion
  • 1 otter trail
  • 77 aquaria



In a perpetual dynamic throughout the year, according to the school holidays, Océanopolis offers activity programmes, temporary exhibitions, refurbishments and new aquaria.


François Cuillandre,
Mayor of Brest and Chairman of the City of Brest
« Océanopolis is the hub of our collectivism… For us, the people of Brest, it is a great source of pride. »


Irène Frain,
Author and major reporter
« Hydrotherapy for the mind! »


Jean-Yves Le Drian,
Europe and Foreign Affairs Minister
« Much more than a leisure facility, Océanopolis is a window on the oceans, a wonderful tool to raise awareness and provide information on our seas. »


Olivier de Kersauson,
« Far from bluster and placating speeches, Océanopolis is a mixture of observation, analysis and most of all sharing and teaching. »


Anne Quéméré,
Navigator and explorer
« A clever mixture, a delicious recipe… »


Jacques Rougerie,
Architect of Océanopolis
« Océanopolis today stands as an essential symbol of marine culture and knowledge, offering a great deal of promise for future generations. »


Erik Orsenna,
Author and member of the Académie française

« There is a portal, in Brest, allowing entry into the bottom of the Ocean… »


Gilles Bœuf,
Chairman of the Scientific Board of the French Biodiversity Agency – Paris
« They have remarkable skills in how to educate with rigour and how to make people dream, the essential basis for a major scientific outreach site. »

Our Partners






Private companies












Collaborations with international bodies and sites



  • Marine Biology Laboratory, University of Murmansk (Russia)
  • Zoos in Basel (Switzerland)



Océanopolis is a member of

  • AMCSTI – Association of Museums and Centres for the development of Scientific, Technical and Industrial Culture
  • EAZA – European Association of Zoos and Aquaria
  • EUAC – European Union of Aquarium Curators
  • FRB – Biodiversity Research Foundation
  • GIS EM – Scientific Interest Group, European Sea Unit
  • IAC – International Aquarium Curators
  • UCA – Union of Aquarium Curators (France)
  • UICN – International Nature Preservation Union


Océanopolis holds

  • The Qualité Tourisme™ mark (renewed in 2014)


Océanopolis is a partner of

  • The UNESCO Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission



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