Below you will find the answers to all your questions regarding tickets and season tickets. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to send an email to the following address:



How long is the visit of Océanopolis ?

We recommand 3 hours to a half day of visit. It is the ideal amount of time to discover and enjoy the site and our animations.

When is Océanopolis the most frequented ?

The high season is situated mid july and on the third week of august. During this period we highly recommand online booking, morning visits, avoiding rainy days and choosing weekends.

Saturday, out of the holidays, is commonly the less frequented day of the week.

Is the access to Océanopolis guaranteed on high influx days ?

No. For you safety and for a confortable visit, we can on high influx days, refuse visitors (unless if you have bought a ticket online). During the high season, it can happen on rainy days.

What are the reception conditions for childrens ?

At the entrance of Océanopolis, you can rent a stroller for the day for 5€. The presentation of an identity document will be asked as a deposit. Know that these strollers are limited in number and can not be reserved in advance. Do not hesitate to contact the reception staff as soon as you enter on the park.

Some sanitary facilities are equipped with changing tables. A baby area equipped with changing mats and a microwave oven is open during the high season.

Child-friendly menus are available at our places to eat.

Please note that we do not have a daycare service.

Can I visit Océanopolis with my dog ?

Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed in Océanopolis. 

This measure is imposed on us by the decree of March 25, 2004, published in the Official Journal of April 1, 2004. It sets the general rules of operation and the general characteristics of the installations of fixed and permanent zoological establishments, presenting live specimens of local or foreign fauna falling under heading 21-40 of the nomenclature of installations classified for the protection of the environment.

Article 13 of this decree concerns more particularly our friends the dogs:

“Animals must be protected from predation by animals foreign to the establishment. They must not be able to be disturbed or excited by animals foreign to the establishment. If necessary, establishments should implement programs to control these indesirable animal populations.”

However, we accept guide dogs.


Can I change my ticket ?

You have the possibility to modify your visit date.

please contact us :

Can I buy my ticket on site?

Yes, you can buy your ticket onsite. However, we recommand online booking . Indeed, in case of high influx, without an online reservation, the access to Océanopolis is not guaranteed.

Do I have to buy a place for my child under 3 years old?

Children under 3 are our guests and do not need entrance tickets to Océanopolis.

Do I have to print my ticket?

You do not need to print your ticket. You can present it directly on your smartphone. You will simply be asked to zoom in and turn up the brightness of your phone as much as possible.


Do I need the health pass to visit Océanopolis ?

Since the 14th of march 2022, the health pass is no longer mandatory to visit Océanopolis.

However, online reservation and wearing a mask are still recommanded.

Is online booking mandatory ?

No online booking is no more mandatory. Howerver, the number of visitors on site is still limited. Please anticipate by booking your tickets few days before your visit. Book online now.

Is it compulsory to wear a mask in the park?

Wearing a mask is no longer compulsory to visit Océanopolis but it is recommanded.

What are the health measures around the site ?

Sanitising gel is available at many locations around Océanopolis. We ask you to wash your hands regularly.

Whenever possible, you should avoid touching the panes of glass on the aquariums around the site as much as possible.

We ask you to pay by bank card, preferably contactless

You can bring your own meal and have lunch on our picnic areas.


Can I eat on site?

Catering is open depending on the season and the government measures. This measures can change regurlarly. If needed, please contact us.

You can bring your own meal and have lunch on our picnic areas.

Please note that knifes are forbiden.


Is the shop open ?

Our shop is open. We ask you to pay by bank card, preferably contactless.